The Circus-2 Poem by Marshak for children

Before you - you know what?
Toy circus.
Now monkey
Scores drums,
And will you know who?

Hanging on the tail of the monkey.
And originally it anywhere in the picture.
Though small, its growth,
But her tail
Longer than the monkey.

And this is our Polly is a fool.
And he calls himself.
And we call
His parrot.
Our Polly is not a fool

Vasily, the clown.
You will soon find out who he is.
At the sight of dogs
He will sgorbissa so,
What you will immediately understand who he is.

But the acrobat - Matryoshka.
As long as she is still a baby.
But the time will come,
She will grow up
And will be Matryona Matryoshka.

Our donkey - hopeless -
Able to nod.
Tell him: "Hello,
Buddy eared!" -
And he will nod his head.

And it is saddled horse.
For the occasion of his touch,
Faster than a bird,
In a circle rush
Beautiful saddled horse.

Here are two acrobat-bear,
On behalf of Michael and Theodore.
See now,
As you dance around
Hairy Michael and Theodore.

And this is our magician-hedgehog.
On the tree it will call, -
All the apples from the tree
To my needles
Will strung shameless hedgehog.

This is car-taxi,
And who is on it goes - ask.
Its passenger -
Monkey circus,
And the poodle - taxi driver.

Here's a little plush elephant.
Though small it is, but very strong.
He is still a hundred,no,
And the older he becomes,
Maybe he'll grow up.

Now we consider toys.
Jumped rabbits, frogs.
Goat and sheep
Will score in the drum
And together aches toys.