What I was afraid of Peter Poem by Marshak for children

The dark is afraid of Peter.
Joe Mama says:
- You, mother, to sleep in the light?
Let the all night of the fire.

Meet the mom: " No! -
Click - and turned off the light.

It was quiet and dark.
A fresh breeze blew in the window.

In the darkness he saw Peter
The man at the wall.
Was at dawn -
This jacket and pants.

Sleeves, as hands,
Jacket moved slightly,
And pants danced themselves
From the night breeze.

In the darkness he saw Peter
Stupa with Baba-Yaga.
Was at dawn -
This stove poker.

This oven
And not the witch,
Not the leg,
And poker

In the darkness he saw Peter:
The top looks giant.
Was at dawn -
It's an old suitcase.

High on the roof of the scale -
Suitcase set dad,
And shone two locks
Under the moon, as two of the pupil.

Every time you meet with Peter
Tell each other the children:

- This Is Peter Ivanov.
Scared he pants!

Scared he Yaga -
Old rusty poker!

The court heard Peter,
Both laughed at the children.

"No, " said he, " I am not a coward!
Darkness I am not afraid!

From then on never Petya
Do not lay down to sleep under the light.
Suitcases and pants
Petya is no longer terrible.

Yes, and you, the other children,
Sleep should not be in the light.
In order to dream,
Lamp does not need them!