Osceola the Seminole or The Red Fawn of the Flower Land by Mayne Reid

Osceola the Seminole by Mayne Reid

Osceola (1804 – January 30, 1838, Asi-yahola in Creek), named Billy Powell at birth in Alabama, became an influential leader of the Seminole people in Florida. Of mixed parentage, including Creek, Scottish, African American, and English, he was considered born to his mother's people in the Creek matrilineal kinship system. He was reared by her in the Creek tradition. When he was a child, they migrated to Florida with other Red Stick refugees after their group's defeat in 1814 in the Creek Wars. There they became part of what was known as the Seminole people.



Chapter One The Flowery Land

Chapter Two The Indigo Plantation

Chapter Three The Two Jakes

Chapter Four The Hommock

Chapter Five Yellow Jake

Chapter Six The Alligator

Chapter Seven The Turtle-Crawl

Chapter Eight The King Vultures

Chapter Nine The Bath

Chapter Ten The “Half-Blood.”

Chapter Eleven The Chase

Chapter Twelve A Severe Sentence

Chapter Thirteen The Chase

Chapter Fourteen Ringgold’s Revenge

Chapter Fifteen Maümee

Chapter Sixteen The Island

Chapter Seventeen West Point

Chapter Eighteen The Seminoles

Chapter Nineteen An Indian Hero

Chapter Twenty Frontier Justice

Chapter Twenty One Indian Slaves

Chapter Twenty Two A Circuitous Transaction

Chapter Twenty Three Reflections by the Way

Chapter Twenty Four A Strange Apparition

Chapter Twenty Five Who Fired the Shot?

Chapter Twenty Six A Frontier Fort

Chapter Twenty Seven The Council

Chapter Twenty Eight The Rising Sun

Chapter Twenty Nine The Ultimatum

Chapter Thirty Talk over the Table

Chapter Thirty One The Traitor Chiefs

Chapter Thirty Two Shadows in the Water

Chapter Thirty Three Haj-Ewa

Chapter Thirty Four A Pretty Plot

Chapter Thirty Five Light after Darkness

Chapter Thirty Six In Need of a Friend

Chapter Thirty Seven The Final Assembly

Chapter Thirty Eight Cashiering the Chiefs

Chapter Thirty Nine The Signature of Osceola

Chapter Forty "Fighting Gallagher."

Chapter Forty One Provoking a Duel

Chapter Forty Two The Challenge

Chapter Forty Three The Assignation

Chapter Forty Four An Eclaircissement

Chapter Forty Five Two Duels in One Day

Chapter Forty Six A Silent Declaration

Chapter Forty Seven The Captive

Chapter Forty Eight The War-Cry

Chapter Forty Nine War to the Knife

Chapter Fifty Tracing a Strange Horseman

Chapter Fifty One Who was the Rider?

Chapter Fifty Two Cold Courtesy

Chapter Fifty Three My Sister’s Spirit

Chapter Fifty Four Asking an Explanation

Chapter Fifty Five The Volunteers

Chapter Fifty Six Mysterious Changes

Chapter Fifty Seven My Informant

Chapter Fifty Eight Old Hickman

Chapter Fifty Nine A Hasty Messenger

Chapter Sixty A Lover’s Gift

Chapter Sixty One The Route

Chapter Sixty Two A Knock on the Head

Chapter Sixty Three An Indian Executioner

Chapter Sixty Four A Banquet with a Bad Ending

Chapter Sixty Five "Dade’s Massacre."

Chapter Sixty Six The Battle-Ground

Chapter Sixty Seven The Battle of "Ouithlacoochee."

Chapter Sixty Eight A Victory Ending in a Retreat

Chapter Sixty Nine Another "Swamp-Fight."

Chapter Seventy The Talk

Chapter Seventy One Mysterious Disappearance of an Army

Chapter Seventy Two The Condition of Black Jake

Chapter Seventy Three A Bad Spectacle

Chapter Seventy Four To the Trail

Chapter Seventy Five The Alarm

Chapter Seventy Six A False Alarm

Chapter Seventy Seven "A Split Trail."

Chapter Seventy Eight Crossing the Savanna

Chapter Seventy Nine Groping among the Timber

Chapter Eighty Signal Shots

Chapter Eighty One An Empty Camp

Chapter Eighty Two A Dead Forest

Chapter Eighty Three A Circular Conflict

Chapter Eighty Four A Dead Shot by Jake

Chapter Eighty Five A Meagre Meal

Chapter Eighty Six A Bullet from Behind

Chapter Eighty Seven A Jury Amid the Fire

Chapter Eighty Eight Quick Executioners

Chapter Eighty Nine An Enemy Unlooked For

Chapter Ninety A Conflict in Darkness

Chapter Ninety One The Black Plumes

Chapter Ninety Two Buried Alive

Chapter Ninety Three Devils or Angels

Chapter Ninety Four The End of Arens Ringgold

Chapter Ninety Five The Death Warning

Chapter Ninety Six Osceola’s Fate — Conclusion