The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

The Headless Horseman is a story about an Irish adventurer and hero in the War with Mexico.
The story takes place in Texas soon after the War with Mexico. Louise Poindexter, a beautiful newcomer, is courted by two men – the arrogant and vindictive Cassius Calhoun and the dashing but poor mustanger Maurice Gerald. Calhoun plots to eliminate his rival when tragedy strikes: Louise's brother, the young Henry Poindexter, is murdered. All clues point to Maurice Gerald as the assassin. At the same time a headless rider is spotted in the environs of the Poindexter plantation.

The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

Table of Content


Chapter One. The Burnt Prairie

Chapter Two. The Trail of the Lazo

Chapter Three. The Prairie Finger-Post

Chapter Four. The Black Norther

Chapter Five. The Home of the Horse-Hunter

Chapter Six. The Spotted Mustang

Chapter Seven. Nocturnal Annoyances

Chapter Eight. The Crawl of the Alacran

Chapter Nine. The Frontier Fort

Chapter Ten. Casa Del Corvo

Chapter Eleven. An Unexpected Arrival

Chapter Twelve. Taming a Wild Mare

Chapter Thirteen. A Prairie Pic-Nic

Chapter Fourteen. The Manada

The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

Chapter Fifteen. The Runaway Overtaken

Chapter Sixteen. Chased by Wild Stallions

Chapter Seventeen. The Mustang Trap

Chapter Eighteen. Jealousy upon the Trail

Chapter Nineteen. Whisky and Water

Chapter Twenty. An Unsafe Position

Chapter Twenty One. A Duel within Doors

Chapter Twenty Two. An Unknown Donor

Chapter Twenty Three. Vows of Vengeance

Chapter Twenty Four. On the Azotea

Chapter Twenty Five. A Gift Ungiven

Chapter Twenty Six. Still on the Azotea

Chapter Twenty Seven. I Love You!—I Love You!

Chapter Twenty Eight. A Pleasure Forbidden

Chapter Twenty Nine. El Coyote at Home

Chapter Thirty. A Sagittary Correspondence

Chapter Thirty One. A Stream Cleverly Crossed

Chapter Thirty Two. Light and Shade

Chapter Thirty Three. A Torturing Discovery

Chapter Thirty Four. A Chivalrous Dictation

Chapter Thirty Five. An Uncourteous Host

Chapter Thirty Six. Three Travellers on the same Track

Chapter Thirty Seven. A Man Missing

Chapter Thirty Eight. The Avengers

The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

Chapter Thirty Nine. The Pool of Blood

Chapter Forty. The Marked Bullet

Chapter Forty One. Cuatro Cavalleros

Chapter Forty Two. Vultures on the Wing

Chapter Forty Three. The Cup and the Jar

Chapter Forty Four. A Quartette of Comanches

Chapter Forty Five. A Trail gone Blind

Chapter Forty Six. A Secret Confided

Chapter Forty Seven. An Intercepted Epistle

Chapter Forty Eight. Isidora

Chapter Forty Nine. The Lazo Unloosed

Chapter Fifty. A Conflict with Coyotes

Chapter Fifty One. Twice Intoxicated

Chapter Fifty Two. An Awakener

Chapter Fifty Three. Just in Time

Chapter Fifty Four. A Prairie Palanquin

Chapter Fifty Five. Un Dia de Novedades

Chapter Fifty Six. A Shot at the Devil

Chapter Fifty Seven. Sounding the Signal

Chapter Fifty Eight. Recoiling from a Kiss

Chapter Fifty Nine. Another who cannot rest

Chapter Sixty. A Fair Informer

Chapter Sixty One. Angels on Earth

Chapter Sixty Two. Waiting for the Cue

Chapter Sixty Three. A Jury of Regulators

The Headless Horseman by Mayne Reid

Chapter Sixty Four. A Series of Interludes

Chapter Sixty Five. Still another Interlude

Chapter Sixty Six. Chased by Comanches

Chapter Sixty Seven. Los Indios!

Chapter Sixty Eight. The Disappointed Campaigners

Chapter Sixty Nine. Mystery and Mourning

Chapter Seventy. Go, Zeb, and God Speed You!

Chapter Seventy One. The Sorell Horse

Chapter Seventy Two. Zeb Stump on the Trail

Chapter Seventy Three. The Prairie Island

Chapter Seventy Four. A Solitary Stalker

Chapter Seventy Five. On the Trail

Chapter Seventy Six. Lost in the Chalk

Chapter Seventy Seven. Another Link

Chapter Seventy Eight. A Horse-Swop

Chapter Seventy Nine. An Untiring Tracker

Chapter Eighty. A Doorway Well Watched

Chapter Eighty One. Heads Down—Heels Up!

Chapter Eighty Two. A Queer Parcel

Chapter Eighty Three. Limbs of the Law

Chapter Eighty Four. An Affectionate Nephew

Chapter Eighty Five. A Kind Cousin

Chapter Eighty Six. A Texan Court

Chapter Eighty Seven. A False Witness

Chapter Eighty Eight. An Unwilling Witness

Chapter Eighty Nine. The Confession of the Accused

Chapter Ninety. A Court Quickly Cleared

Chapter Ninety One. A Chase through a Thicket

Chapter Ninety Two. A Reluctant Return

Chapter Ninety Three. A Body Beheaded

Chapter Ninety Four. The Mystery Made Clear

Chapter Ninety Five. The Last Witness

Chapter Ninety Six. Stole Away!

Chapter Ninety Seven. The Chase of the Assassin

Chapter Ninety Eight. Not Dead yet

Chapter Ninety Nine. Attempted Murder and Suicide

Chapter One Hundred. Joy