Adventures in the Far West by Mayne Reid

Adventures in the Far West by Mayne Reid

"Adventures in the Far West" by Mayne Reid is an enthralling tale that takes readers on a thrilling adventure through the American frontier. Set in the untamed wilderness of the Far West, the novel follows the exploits of its main character, a daring quadroon, as she navigates the challenges of the frontier. Reid's masterful storytelling and vivid descriptions transport readers to a bygone era, where danger and excitement lurk around every corner.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Father of Waters

Chapter 2 Six Months in the Crescent City

Chapter 3 The “Belle of the West”

Chapter 4 The Rival Boats

Chapter 5 A Desirable Fellow-Passenger

Chapter 6 Antoine the Steward

Chapter 7 The Starting

Chapter 8 The “Coast” of the Mississippi

Chapter 9 Eugénie Besançon

Chapter 10 A New Mode of raising the Steam

Chapter 11 A Boat-Race upon the Mississippi

Chapter 12 The Life-Preserver

Chapter 13 “Blessé”

Chapter 14 Where am I?

Chapter 15 “Ole Zip”

Chapter 16 Monsieur Dominique Gayarre

Chapter 17 “Aurore”

Chapter 18 The Creole and Quadroon

Chapter 19 A Louisian Landscape

Chapter 20 My Journal

Chapter 21 A Change of Quarters

Chapter 22 Aurore loves me

Chapter 23 A Surprise

Chapter 24 A Rival

Chapter 25 An Hour of Bliss

Chapter 26 The “Nigger Quarter”

Chapter 27 The Devil’s Douche

Chapter 28 Gayarre and “Bully Bill”

Chapter 29 “Elle t’aime!”

Chapter 30 Thoughts

Chapter 31 Dreams

Chapter 32 Stung by a Snake

Chapter 33 The Runaway

Chapter 34 Gabriel the Bambarra

Chapter 35 The Snake-Doctor

Chapter 36 Charming the Crotalus

Chapter 37 Killing a Trail

Chapter 38 The Pirogue

Chapter 39 The Tree-Cavern

Chapter 40 Hotel Gossip

Chapter 41 The Letter

Chapter 42 The Wharf-Boat

Chapter 43 The Norway Rat

Chapter 44 The Houma

Chapter 45 Jealousy

Chapter 46 A Scientific Julep

Chapter 47 A Game of Whist

Chapter 48 The Game Interrupted

Chapter 49 The Sportsmen of the Mississippi

Chapter 50 The City

Chapter 51 Vente Importante des Nègres

Chapter 52 Brown and Co

Chapter 53 Eugène d’Hauteville

Chapter 54 Pity for Love

Chapter 55 On Games and Gambling

Chapter 56 The Faro Bank

Chapter 57 The Watch and Ring

Chapter 58 My Forlorn Hope

Chapter 59 The Rotundo

Chapter 60 The Slave-Mart

Chapter 61 Bidding for my Betrothed

Chapter 62 The Hackney-Carriage

Chapter 63 To Bringiers

Chapter 64 Two Villains

Chapter 65 The Pawpaw Thicket

Chapter 66 The Elopement

Chapter 67 The Lost Mustangs

Chapter 68 A Night in the Woods

Chapter 69 Love’s Vengeance

Chapter 70 Hounds on our Trail

Chapter 71 The Signal

Chapter 72 The Sleuth-Hounds

Chapter 73 The Man-Hunter

Chapter 74 Shot for Shot

Chapter 75 Love in the Hour of Peril

Chapter 76 A Terrible Fate

Chapter 77 The Sentence of Judge Lynch

Chapter 78 In the Hands of the Sheriff

Chapter 79 The Crisis