The Bush Boys. History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and his Family by Mayne Reid

History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and his Family by Mayne Reid

In "The Bush Boys: History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and his Family", Mayne Reid invites readers on an extraordinary journey into the untamed landscapes of Southern Africa. Set against the backdrop of colonial Cape Town, this historical adventure novel presents a vivid portrayal of a rural farming family as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of life in the bush.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Boors

Chapter 2 The Kraal

Chapter 3 The “Springhaan”

Chapter 4 A Talk about Locusts

Chapter 5 The Locust-Flight

Chapter 6 “Inspann and Trek!”

Chapter 7 “Water! Water!”

Chapter 8 The Fate of the Hero

Chapter 9 A Lion “Couchant”

Chapter 10 A Lion in the Trap

Chapter 11 The Death of the Lion

Chapter 12 A Talk about Lions

Chapter 13 The Travellers Benighted

Chapter 14 The “Trek-Boken”

Chapter 15 Spooring for a Spring

Chapter 16 The Terrible “Tsetse”

Chapter 17 The Long-Horned Rhinoceros

Chapter 18 A Heavy Combat

Chapter 19 The Death of the Elephant

Chapter 20 Turned Hunters

Chapter 21 “Jerking” an Elephant

Chapter 22 The Hideous Hyena

Chapter 23 Stalking the Ourebi

Chapter 24 Little Jan’s Adventure

Chapter 25 A Chapter upon Hyenas

Chapter 26 A House Among the Tree-Tops

Chapter 27 The Battle of the Wild Peacocks

Chapter 28  Upon the “Spoor”

Chapter 29 A Rogue Elephant

Chapter 30 The Missing Hunter, and the Wildebeests

Chapter 31 The Ant-Eater of Africa

Chapter 32 Hans Chased by the Wildebeest

Chapter 33 Besieged by the Bull

Chapter 34 A Helpless Beast

Chapter 35 The Elephant’s Sleeping-Roost

Chapter 36 Making the Elephant’s Bed

Chapter 37 The Wild-Asses of Africa

Chapter 38 Planning the Capture of the Quaggas

Chapter 39 The Pit-Trap

Chapter 40 Driving in the Eland

Chapter 41 A Wild Ride on Quagga-Back

Chapter 42 The Gun-Trap

Chapter 43 The Weaver-Birds

Chapter 44 The Spitting-Snake

Chapter 45 The Serpent-Eater

Chapter 46 Totty and the Chacmas

Chapter 47 The Wild Hounds and the Hartebeest

Chapter 48 Conclusion