The Rifle Rangers by Mayne Reid

 The Rifle Rangers by Mayne Reid

The Rifle Rangers or Adventures in South Mexico (1850) is a novel by Captain Mayne Reid, set in Vera Cruz, Mexico, during the Mexican War (1846–1848). The novel depicts the plight of American soldiers stationed in Mexico during the war and their effect on the native population.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Land of Anahuac

Chapter 2 An Adventure among the Creoles of New Orleans

Chapter 3 A Volunteer Rendezvous

Chapter 4 Life on the Island of Lobos

Chapter 5 A Skeleton Adventure

Chapter 6 The Landing at Sacrificios

Chapter 7 The City of the True Cross

Chapter 8 Major Blossom

Chapter 9 Scouting in the Chaparral

Chapter 10 Adventure with a Cayman

Chapter 11 Don Cosmé Rosales

Chapter 12 A Mexican Dinner

Chapter 13 A Subterranean Drawing-Room

Chapter 14 “The Norther”

Chapter 15 A Little Fair Weather again

Chapter 16 The Scout continued, with a Variety of Reflections

Chapter 17 One Way of Taming a Bull

Chapter 18 A Brush with the Guerilleros

Chapter 19 A Herculean Feat

Chapter 20 Running the Gauntlet

Chapter 21 A Short Fight at “Long Shot”

Chapter 22 The Rescue

Chapter 23 The Cocuyo

Chapter 24 Lupé and Luz

Chapter 25 A Tough Night of it after all

Chapter 26 The Light after the Shade

Chapter 27 A Disappointment and a New Plan

Chapter 28 A Foolhardy Adventure

Chapter 29 Help from Heaven

Chapter 30 A Shot in the Dark

Chapter 31 Captured by Guerilleros

Chapter 32 A Blind Ride

Chapter 33 A Drink à la Cheval

Chapter 34 An odd Way of opening a Letter

Chapter 35 The Cobra-di-Capello

Chapter 36 The Head-Quarters of the Guerilla

Chapter 37 Chane’s Courtship

Chapter 38 The Dance of the Tagarota

Chapter 39 A Kiss in the Dark

Chapter 40 Maria de Merced

Chapter 41 The Pursuit

Chapter 42 A New and Terrible Enemy

Chapter 43 A Battle with Bloodhounds

Chapter 44 An Indian Ruse

Chapter 45 A Coup d’Éclair

Chapter 46 A Bridge of Monkeys

Chapter 47 The Jarachos

Chapter 48 Padre Jarauta

Chapter 49 A Hang by the Heels

Chapter 50 A Very Short Trial

Chapter 51 A Bird’s-eye View of a Battle

Chapter 52 An Odd Way of Escaping from a Battle-field

Chapter 53 A Wholesale Capture

Chapter 54 A Duel, with an odd Ending

Chapter 55 An Adios