The Giraffe Hunters by Mayne Reid

The Giraffe Hunters by Mayne Reid

Giraffe Hunters is an exciting adventure novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the African wilderness. The story follows a group of hunters as they set out to track and hunt the elusive giraffe, encountering numerous obstacles and dangers along the way.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Arrival at the Promised Land

Chapter 2 On the Limpopo

Chapter 3 A Twin Trap

Chapter 4 In the Pits

Chapter 5 Arend Lost

Chapter 6 Spoor’em

Chapter 7 The Lost Hunter

Chapter 8 Rescued

Chapter 9 An Incident of the Road

Chapter 10 Macora

Chapter 11 Macora’s Kraal

Chapter 12 Spying out the Land

Chapter 13 The Faithful “Smoke”

Chapter 14 The Lagoon

Chapter 15 Hippopotami

Chapter 16 Hunting Hippopotami

Chapter 17 To the Giraffe Country

Chapter 18 A Giraffe Chase

Chapter 19 The Camelopard

Chapter 20 A Race for Life

Chapter 21 A Creature hard to kill

Chapter 22 A Separation

Chapter 23 From Bad to Worse

Chapter 24 Reunion

Chapter 25 Mistakes of a Night

Chapter 26 Captured

Chapter 27 In Thongs

Chapter 28 Led out to die

Chapter 29 Just in Time

Chapter 30 The Hopo

Chapter 31 Disappointed

Chapter 32 Driven away

Chapter 33 The Retreat

Chapter 34 Tyranny and Loyalty

Chapter 35 Welcome Tidings

Chapter 36 Besieged

Chapter 37 Not quite too late

Chapter 38 A Talk about Home

Chapter 39 Among the Mimosas

Chapter 40 Another Disappointment

Chapter 41 A Herd of Buffaloes

Chapter 42 The Poisoned Spring

Chapter 43 Excitement for all

Chapter 44 The Pit

Chapter 45 On the Karroo

Chapter 46 The Pool of Death

Chapter 47 The Water-Root

Chapter 48 An odd sort of Suction Pump

Chapter 49 Scenes seldom visited

Chapter 50 A Talk about Ostriches

Chapter 51 Another Delay

Chapter 52 A Hopeless Chase

Chapter 53 A Weary Watch

Chapter 54 Chance better than Skill

Chapter 55 A Reverse of Fortune

Chapter 56 The Search for Willem

Chapter 57 An Encounter between old Acquaintances

Chapter 58 The Lost are found

Chapter 59 A Lion Hunt

Chapter 60 A Sudden Reverse of Fortune

Chapter 61 The Lost Found

Chapter 62 With the Hottentots

Chapter 63 “The Dutchman’s Fireside”

Chapter 64 “Strayed or Stolen”

Chapter 65 The Last of a Family

Chapter 66 News of the Lost

Chapter 67 Why Congo turned Traitor

Chapter 68 Light out of Darkness

Chapter 69 The Kaffir discovers too much

Chapter 70 Congo a Captive

Chapter 71 A Fight by Firelight

Chapter 72 All right once more

Chapter 73 Conclusion