Corn Is King by Bernhardt Paul Holst

Hail to the golden corn,
Whose stalks our fields adorn,
Hail it as king;
Plant it in fertile field,
No grain will richer yield,
Nor greater blessings wield,
Its praises sing.

Corn is the best of food,
For man and beast is good,
The nation's pride;
Let all the people know,
As seasons come and go,
How best this grain to grow
And health betide.

Sweet is the tassel-bloom,
Sweeter than rare perfume,
And richer still;
Soft are the yellow hair,
As they the pollen bear,
Down where the kernels are,
Life to instill.

Rich is the yellow grain,
Nurtured by dew and rain,
In summer time;
Soon will the reapers come,
Singing the harvest song,
Joyous the harvest home,
In every clime.

We praise our God who gave
This plant our land to save
From famine dire;
Let heartfelt thanks abound,
Let hills and vales resound,
Let all the plains rebound,
To God aspire.