Hope by Charles Swain

I know he will return!
There's something in my heart—
A light, as of a star,
That dwells, like truth, apart!
A feeling to confide—
On what I scarce discern;
But oh! a voice within
Still says, "He will return!"

I dreamt an angel came,
With soft and starry wing,
That scattered bloom and joy
O'er every living thing.
Her breath was on my cheek—
Her whisper in mine ear;
Oh! angel words are sweet,
But none like Hope's to cheer!

She showed me where his ship—
The ocean's glory—sailed;
Where neither mist nor storm
Nor wintry wrath prevailed:
So beauteous o'er the deep,
From gallant stem to stern,
I blessed it in my sleep;—
Yes, Hope! he will return!