What Bobby Said - Poem by Laura E. Richards

I don't think it's right!
I don't think it's fair!
I don't like Easter
At all! so there!

It's only because
I'm young, you see,
They think they can play
Their tricks upon me.

They brought me an egg,
And a beauty, too!
All golden yellow,
With stripes of blue.

They said 'twas a true egg,
A _truly_ true!
And, of course, I supposed
It was so all through;

But when it was opened,
Just think what a shame!
'Twas just like the white ones,
Just _'zactly_ the same!

Part white and part yellow,
No bit of it blue,
And it tasted the same
As the other ones, too.

I don't think it's right,
And I don't think it's fair,
And I don't like Easter
_At all!_ so there!