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Little Beginnings. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

A little girl on a little bench
By a little window stood,
And a little trouble was in her heart—
"Ah! if I were but good!"

"Not very, very good," she thought,
"Like dear cousin Jane who died;
But only patient, true and kind,
And free from wicked pride.

"I'll pray for that at first," she said,
"Our Father will help me try.
And then, perhaps, He will show the way,
To be very good by and by."

Then upward rose the little prayer—
So earnestly it went,
That the little heart of the little maid
Was filled with a sweet content.

And standing there on the little bench,
She looked up into the sky:
"I'll try to be good right off," she said,
"And better yet, by and by."

Table of Content