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Thanksgiving. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

All their heads were bowed in prayer—
Father's, mother's, boys' and girls',
Grandma's, grandpa's—only Nelly,
Little Nelly, shook her curls.

Little Nelly shook her curls,
Smiling, gazing all intent,
Stared as ever at the sight—
Wondered what on earth it meant.

Busy firelight, flashing bright,
Shot its frisky flamelets out;
While the ship above the clock
Gayly tossed and pitched about.

Roasted turkey, on his back,
And the chickens, side by side,
Had a perky, jaunty air
Full of jollity and pride;

Tempting pies and puddings near,
Held their faces to the light;
While canary in his cage,
Piped and sang with all his might.

Flowery carpet under foot,
Hanging basket all a-bloom,
Pearly, picture-covered wall—
Drew the sunlight to the room.

Little Nelly felt it all,
Felt how blithe it was and fair;
Yet the moment seemed so long
That the heads were bowed in prayer.

If they only knew, she thought,
How the room was full of play,
They would never hide their faces
In that sober, solemn way.

Laughing, staring, puzzled Nell!
How could such a baby know
'Twas the cheery, sunny gladness
That had bowed their heads so low;

That the blithesome, happy home-life,
Birdie singing on the wall,
And the laughing little mischief,
Made them thank the God of all?

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