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The New Slate. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

See my slate! I dot it new,
Tos I b'oke the other,
Put my 'ittle foot right froo,
Running after mother.

I tan make you lots o' sings,
Fass as you tan tell 'em,
T's and B's and big O rings,
Only I tan't spell 'em.

I tan make a funny pig
Wid a turly tail-y,
'Ittle eyes, and snout so big
Pokin' in a pail-y.

I tan make a elephant,
Wid his trunk a-hangin';
An' a boy—who says I tan't?—
Wid his dun a-bangin'.

An' the smoke a-tummin' out
(Wid my t'umb I do it,
Rubbin' all the white about),
Sparks a-flyin' froo it.

I tan make a bu-ful house
Wid a tree behind it,
An' a 'ittle mousy-mouse
Runnin' round to find it.

I tan put my hand out flat
On the slate, and draw it
(Ticklin' is the worst of that)!
Did you ever saw it?

I tan do me runnin' 'bout—
Mamma's 'ittle posset
(Slate's so dusty, rubbin' out,
Dess oo'd better wass it).

Now, then, s'all I make a tree
Wid a birdie in it?
All my picsurs you s'all see
If you'll wait a minute.

No, I dess I'll make a man
Juss like Uncle Rolly.
See it tummin', fass's it tan?
Bet my slate is jolly!

Table of Content