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Nell's Notions. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Three-year-old Nell by the window-pane stood,
A good little girl, and as pretty as good,
Watching the snow come down—
Falling so lightly,
So swiftly and brightly,
It whitened all the town.

"See, Aunty!" she cried, in a joyous strain,
"Oh, Aunty, look out! and see the popped rain!
The air is as full as can be;
And it never stops,
But it jumps and hops,
Like the corn that you pop for me."

Winter passed on; and Spring-time was here—
Spring with its flowers, its brightness and cheer,
And the birds were wild with song.
Ah, sweet was the note
From each tiny throat!
Nell listened the whole day long.

"Tell me, dear Aunty, what do they eat,
These dear little birds, that they sing so sweet?"
Nell asked, in her wonder and glee.
"Oh, Aunty, I think
They have sky to drink,
And flowers for their breakfast and tea."

The quick, green-winged katydids filled her with awe,
Such wonderful creatures she'd ne'er seen before;
For hours she would question and tease,
Till, "They're leaves!" she said,
"With legs and a head,
And they're huntin' about for their trees.

"Why, Aunty, hold still! there's a girl in your eyes!"
And queer little Nell fairly screamed with surprise.
"Why, Aunty, it's Nell in there!
I can see it as plain—
There! I see it again!
Why, you're full of me everywhere!"

Table of Content