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Motherless. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

"I wish she had not died," she said,
The words were soft and low;
"Most little girls like me, papa,
Have dear mammas, you know.

"There's Lulu Hart, next door. I think
It's nice to live that way;
With some one sitting at the blinds
To watch you while you play;

"I often see her look up quick,
And smile at some one there;
And when she laughs and hides away,
She knows some one will care.

"Why didn't Doctor Bishop cure
My mother, dear papa?
That's what he did one time, you know,
For Lulu Hart's mamma.

"Say, papa, was God good to take
My own mamma away?
For I was just a baby then—
Papa, why don't you say?"

"Yes, always good," he sobbed. "Mamma
Is very happy, dear."
His little girl sprang up, nor cared
Another word to hear.

"Why, papa! crying? Please don't cry.
Do you feel sorry, too?
Now, papa, see; I never meant
I didn't care for you.

"If mamma's happy in the sky—
You told me so before—
We mustn't cry. I think it's wrong
To want her any more.

"Laugh, papa, quick! I'll pull your hair!
I'll kiss your funny nose;
Laugh, quick, for Minnie; else I'll try
To jump right on your toes.

"Poor eyes! all wet. I'll kiss them dry.
What's in your pocket? See.
Oh! where's your watch? Now, won't you please
Just make it tick for me?

"It's nice to have a dear papa.
(How big it is, and bright.
I hear it ticky, ticky, tick.
It's very loud to-night.)

"Ride me to Banbury Cross, papa!
Now, don't you let me fall.
When I was littler, how I slipped!
I couldn't keep on at all.

"Oh! there's the tea-bell. Now you've tossed
My hair like everything!
I'll toss yours too. Oho! Oho!
You look just like a king—

"For kings have crowns, you know, papa,
And your hair's standing straight.
I knew you'd laugh! There, now, you're good—
Come quick, and show Aunt Kate."

Aunt, at the table, glanced at one,
And then glanced at the other;
She could not guess what hidden thing
Had happened to her brother.

His shining hair stood like a crown,
His smile was warm and bright;
"Why, John," she said, "you really seem
Like your old self to-night."

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