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The Alphabet. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Little boys with pockets,
Little boys with none,
Little bright-eyed lassies
Gather, every one!
Crowd around me closely.
Would you master books?
You must first discover
How each letter looks.

A has a bar
Where a fairy might ride;

B is a post
With two loops at the side.

C might be round
If a piece you would lend;

D is a buck-saw
Standing on end.

E has a peg
In the middle, they say;

F is an E
With the bottom away.

G is like C,
With a block on one end;

H has a seat
That would hold you, depend.

I is so straight
It would do for a prop;

J is a crook
With a bar at the top.

K is a stick
With a crotch fastened to it.

L is a roost,
If the chickens but knew it.

M has four parts,
As you quickly may see;

N, the poor fellow!
Is made out of three.

O is so round
It would do for a hoop;

P is a stick
With a top like a loop.

Q to be curly
Is constantly trying;

R is like B,
With the bottom loop flying.

S is a snake,
All crooked and dread;

T is a pole
With a bar for a head.

U it is plain,
Would make a good swing;

V is as sharp
As a bumble-bee's sting.

W ought
To be called double-V;

X is a cross,
As you plainly can see;

Y is just formed
Like a V on a stand;

Z is the crookedest
Thing in the land!

Table of Content