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Dobbin's Friend. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

Dobbin has a little friend,
Spotted white and sable;
Every day she goes to him,
In his lonely stable.

Not a might of dread has she,
Not a thought of danger;
Lightly runs between his hoofs,
Jumps upon his manger;

Lays her soft, warm cheek to his,
Purrs her meek "Good morning!"
Gives the flies that hover near,
Such a look of warning!

"Dobbin, dear," she sometimes says,
"Feel my winter mittens;
Nice and warm, you see, and made
Purposely for kittens.

"Dobbin, dear, such times at home!
Mother has caught a rat!
Brought it home to show to us—
What do you think of that?"

"Dobbin!" she whispers, purring still,
"You often get so weary,
Why don't you balk or run away,
And get your freedom, dearie?"

Then Dobbin gives his head a toss,
And says, "For shame, Miss Kitty!
If I could do so mean a thing,
'Twould be a monstrous pity.

"No, no; my master's good and kind;
I'll never vex him, never!"
And pussy, pleased, still rubs his cheek,
And likes him more than ever.

Table of Content