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The Wooden Horse. Rhymes and Jingles by Mary Mapes Dodge for children

A real horse is good,
But a horse made of wood
Is a much better horsey for me;
For he needn't be tied,
And he's steady beside,
And never gets lazy, you see.

When pulled, he will go;
And he stops when you "whoa!"
For he always is willing to please;
And though you may stay
By the water all day,
Not once for a drink will he tease.

Not a handful of feed,
All his life, does he need;
And he never wants brushing or combing:
And after a race
All over the place,
He never stands panting and foaming.

He doesn't heed flies,
Though they light on his eyes;
Mosquitoes and gnats he won't mind:
And he never will shy,
Though a train whizzes by,
But always is gentle and kind.

A real horse, some day,
Will be running away;
A donkey is so apt to kick;
A goat will upset you,
A doggie will fret you—
Your wooden horse hasn't a trick!

No chance of a crash,
Or a runaway smash,
Though never so playful and free.
Oh! I like when I drive
To be brought home alive—
So a fine wooden horsey for me!

Table of Content