Fortune’s fool by Rafael Sabatini

Fortune’s fool by Rafael Sabatini

London 1665 is no place for Randal Holles, a former soldier in Cromwell’s army, now that the monarchy has been restored and the exploits of the Republicans are being condemned in the highest degree. Holles, desperate for an escape from his hopeless situation and almost certain execution, sees no option but to accept the Duke of Wellington’s rather dubious commission – to abduct a famous actress and bring her before him. However, as events take an unexpected turn, Holles is presented with the opportunity to be reinstated to his former glory.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Hostess of the Paul's Head

Chapter 2 Albemarle's Antechamber

Chapter 3 His Grace of Albemarle

Chapter 4 Cherry Blossoms

Chapter 5 The Mercenary

Chapter 6 Mr. Etheredge Prescribes

Chapter 7 The Prude

Chapter 8 Mr. Etheredge Advises

Chapter 9 Albemarle Proposes

Chapter 10 Buckingham Disposes

Chapter 11 A Woman Scorned

Chapter 12 Buckingham's Heroics

Chapter 13 Buckingham's Gratitude

Chapter 14 Despair

Chapter 15 The Shadow of the Gallows

Chapter 16 The Sedan-Chair

Chapter 17 The Abduction

Chapter 18 The Parley

Chapter 19 The Battle

Chapter 20 The Conqueror

Chapter 21 Under the Red Cross

Chapter 22 The Crisis

Chapter 23 The Walls of Pride

Chapter 24 Evasion

Chapter 25 Home

Chapter 26 The Dead-Cart

Chapter 27 The Pest-House

Chapter 28 Jesting Fortune

Chapter 29 The Miracle