Venetian Masque by Rafael Sabatini

Venetian Masque by Rafael Sabatini

Monsieur le Vicomte is a remarkable man – not least because, for all concerned, he had been guillotined along with numerous French aristocrats. Yet by some twist of fate he managed to escape and seek refuge in Turin, out of the jurisdiction of the French authorities. But by an even more perverse twist of fate, he is apprehended, leaving him once and for all in the hands of the gods. In this dramatic adventure, Sabatini portrays all the colour and passion of Revolutionary France.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 The White Cross Inn

Chapter 2 Dead Man's Shoes

Chapter 3 The Dispatch-Case

Chapter 4 The Ambassador of France

Chapter 5 The Ambassador of Britain

Chapter 6 Casa Pizzamano

Chapter 7 Leonardo Vendramin

Chapter 8 The Lady in the Mask

Chapter 9 His Serenity

Chapter 10 Faro

Chapter 11 The Grand Council

Chapter 12 The Vicomtesse

Chapter 13 The Ultimatum

Chapter 14 Justification

Chapter 15 The Choice

Chapter 16 The Dragon's Eye

Chapter 17 The Meeting

Chapter 18 The Bridge of San Moisé

Chapter 19 The Shield

Chapter 20 The Galled Jade

Chapter 21 The Diplomats

Chapter 22 Arcola and Rivoli

Chapter 23 The Citizen Villetard

Chapter 24 Emancipation

Chapter 25 The Warning

Chapter 26 The Pursuers

Chapter 27 Honour Vindicated

Chapter 28 Questions

Chapter 29 Storm-Clouds

Chapter 30 Constraint

Chapter 31 The Quest

Chapter 32 The Inquisitors of State

Chapter 33 Casus Belli

Chapter 34 Vendramin's Last Card

Chapter 35 The Hero of the Lido

Chapter 36 Deliverance

Chapter 37 The Order of Release

Chapter 38 Discovery

Chapter 39 Departure