Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini is an historical novel set in the turbulent times of the French Revolution. The plot describes Andre-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer adopted by his godfather who cannot reveal his parentage. Moreau inadvertently stumbles into political events and becomes a wanted man based on the evil machinations of a sinister Marquis. He is forced to go underground and joins a group of Commedia dell' Arte traveling players, where he takes on the role of a scheming blackguard, Scaramouche. Here again, he falls foul of powerful aristocrats and escapes being kidnapped and murdered. His next adventures take place in a fencing academy where he develops his own brilliant techniques. He inherits the school on the death of the owner and comes face to face with his nemesis again. The plot takes several more interesting twists and turns before racing to its exciting conclusion.

Table of Content

Book 1 The robe

Chapter 1 The Republican

Chapter 2 The Aristocrat

Chapter 3 The Eloquence of M. de Vilmorin

Chapter 4 The Heritage

Chapter 5 The Lord of Gavrillac

Chapter 6 The Windmill

Chapter 7 The Wind

Chapter 8 Omnes Omnibus

Chapter 9 The Aftermath

Book 2 The Buskin

Chapter 1 The Trespassers

Chapter 2 The Service of Thespis

Chapter 3 The Comic Muse

Chapter 4 Exit Monsieur Parvissimus

Chapter 5 Enter Scaramouche

Chapter 6 Climène

Chapter 7 The Conquest of Nantes

Chapter 8 The Dream

Chapter 9 The Awakening

Chapter 10 Contrition

Chapter 11 The Fracas at the Théâtre Feydau

Book 3 The sword

Chapter 1 Transition

Chapter 2 Quos Deus Vult Perdere

Chapter 3 President Le Chapelier

Chapter 4 At Meudon

Chapter 5 Madame de Plougastel

Chapter 6 Politicians

Chapter 7 The Spadassinicides

Chapter 8 The Paladin of the Third

Chapter 9 Torn Pride

Chapter 10 The Returning Carriage

Chapter 11 Inferences

Chapter 12 The Overwhelming Reason

Chapter 13 Sanctuary

Chapter 14 The Barrier

Chapter 15 Safe-Conduct

Chapter 16 Sunrise