The Sea-Hawk by Rafael Sabatini

The Sea-Hawk by Rafael Sabatini

First published in 1915, The Sea Hawk follows the adventures of its protagonist Sir Oliver Tressilian, as he is unjustly betrayed and left to the mercy of others by his selfish brother, who seeks only to save his own skin no matter the cost. Exploring various themes including betrayal, vengeance, sacrifice, injustice, and tormented love, the novel successfully demonstrate Sabatini’s exceptional flair for adventure.

Table of Content


Part I. Sir Oliver Tressilian

Chapter 1 The Huckster

Chapter 2 Rosamund

Chapter 3 The Forge

Chapter 4 The Intervener

Chapter 5 The Buckler

Chapter 6 Jasper Leigh

Chapter 7 Trepanned

Chapter 8 The Spaniard

Part II. Sakr-el-Bahr

Chapter 1 The Captive

Chapter 2 The Renegade

Chapter 3 Homeward Bound

Chapter 4 The Raid

Chapter 5 Lion of the Faith

Chapter 6 The Convert

Chapter 7 Marzak-Ben-Asad

Chapter 8 Mother and Son

Chapter 9 Competitors

Chapter 10 The Slave Market

Chapter 11 The Truth

Chapter 12 The Subtlety of Fenzileh

Chapter 13 In the Sight of Allah

Chapter 14 The Sign

Chapter 15 The Voyage

Chapter 16 The Pannier

Chapter 17 The Dupe

Chapter 18 Sheik Mat

Chapter 19 The Mutineers

Chapter 20 The Messenger

Chapter 21 Moriturus

Chapter 22 The Surrender

Chapter 23 The Heathen Creed

Chapter 24 The Judges

Chapter 25 The Advocate

Chapter 26 The Judgement