The Legend of Ulenspiegel by Charles de Coster Book IV Chapter 14

On the ocean, on the Scheldt, in sunshine, in rain, in snow, in hail, winter and summer, glided the ships of the Beggars to and fro.
All sails out like mantling swans, swans of white freedom.
White for freedom, blue for great heart, orange for the prince, ’tis the standard of the proud ships.
All sails set! all sails set, the stout ships; the billows beat upon them, the waves besprinkle them with foam.
They pass, they run, they fly along the river, their sails in the water, swift as clouds in the north wind, the proud ships of the Beggars. Hear you their prows cleaving the wave? God of freemen! Long live the Beggar!
Hulks, flyboats, boyers, croustèves, swift as a wind big with tempest, like the cloud that bears the thunderbolt. Long live the Beggar!
Boyers and croustèves, flat-bottomed boats, slide along the river. The waters groan as they are cloven through, when the ships go straight on face forwards with the deadly mouth of their long culverin on the point of the bows. Long live the Beggar!
All sail out! all sail out, the gallant ships, the waves toss them, sprinkle them with foam.
Night and day, through rain, hail, and snow, they go on their way! Christ smileth on them in cloud, in sun, in starshine. Long live the Beggar.