Christmas poems

Christmas poems


Little Jack Horner by Anonymous

Red Robin by Stuart Macfarlane

Twas the Night before Christmas by Clement Moore

A Christmas Carol poem by G.K.Chesterton

A Christmas Question by Wolstan Dixley

The Snowman's Resolution by Aileen Fisher

Mincemeat by Elizabeth Gould

Santa Claus by Unknown Author

Christmas Is Coming by Unknown Author

A Visit From St. Nicholas by Clement Clark Moore

A Christmas Wish by Eugene Field

A Christmas Thought by Lucie Larcom

A Gentle Reminder by Alice W. Rollins

A Letter From Santa by William Howard

A Message by Ella M. Powers

Kriss Kringle by Susie M. Best

Christmas poems

My Christmas Secrets by S.C. Peabody

Santa Claus's Visit by Susie M. Best

Santa's Helpers by Nora Boylan

The Mousie by M. N. B.

A Christmas Carol by Christina Rossetti

The Goblin's Christmas by Elizabeth Anderson

Christmas Fairies by Unknown Author

Beneath The Wintry Sky by Unknown Author

Neath the Mistletoe by J. Ashby Sterry

Merry Christmas by Unknown Author

From A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

St. Nicholas by Horatio Alger Jr.

Old Winter by Palmer Cox

Taste by Ring W. Lardner

Hie For Christmas by Unknown Author

Christmas Rose by Lizzie Lawson

Christmas Gifts by Carolyn Wells

Christmas Chimes by Unknown Author

Christmas poems

The Holidays by Ann and Jane Taylor

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If I Were Santa's Little Boy by Mary Carolyn Davies

A Child's Thoughts On Christmas Day by Sydney Dayre

Christmas Child Tells a Story by Nancy Byrd Turner

The Brownie's Xmas by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Old King Winter by Anne E. Skinner

The Christmas Ball by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Snow Song by Dempster Sherman

Silver Bells by Hamish Hendry

The Willow Man by Juliana Horatia Ewing

Christmas Everywhere by Phillips Brooks

Jest 'Fore Christmas by Eugene Field

The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe

Christmas Eve by Christopher Morley

Being Dad on Christmas Eve by Edgar Guest

Christmas Tears by Henry Van Dyke

Christmas poems

The Christmas Gift for Mother by Edgar Guest

Christmas Song by Lydia Ward

December by Dolly Radford

The Snow-Man by Mariann Douglas

The Christmas Tree by Charles Burleigh

Pine Tree Song by Marjorie Barrows