Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit

Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit

These tales are not only of a kind to enchain the attention of children. They also illustrate well the close affinity between the two chief branches of the great Aryan race, and are of considerable ethical value, reflecting, as they do, the philosophy of self-realisation which lies at the root of Hindu culture. They have been used from time immemorial by the best teachers of India as a means of building up the personalities of the young and maintaining the efficiency of the adult. They serve in fact as text-books of the unique system of Mind-Training which has been in use in India from remote Vedic times, the root principle of which is as simple as it is effective.

Hindu children become familiar at their mothers' knees with these stories, and are trained to answer questions on them, subtly chosen to suit their ages and call into action their mental faculties.

The stories were translated from Sanskrit - an ancient Indian language


The Magic Pitcher

The Story of a Cat, a Mouse, a Lizard and an Owl

A Royal Thief-Catcher

The Magic Shoes and Staff

The Jewelled Arrow

The Beetle and the Silken Thread

A Crow and His Three Friends

A Clever Thief

The Hermit's Daughter

Editor: Nancy Bell