Bird poems

bird poems


The Great Brown Owl by Jane E. Browne

Humming Birds by Betty Sage

The Swallow by Nathan Haskell Dole

Ducks' Ditty by Kenneth Grahame

The Swallows by Dora Read Goodale

Treasure Trove by Olive Wadsworth

The Blue Bird's Song by Emily Huntington Miller

Little Birdie by Alfred Tennyson

The Canary by Elizabeth Turner

The Nightingale and the Glow Worm by William Cowper

The Nightingale by R. Barnefield

Bird Bath by Evaleen Stein

Blackbird by William Ernest Henley

Robin's Return by Edith M. Thomas

Wild Geese by Celia Thaxter

 Bird poems

The Crow that the Crow Crowed by S. Conant Foster

The Linnet's Fee by Annie A. Preston

Surprises by S. Doudney

The Sing-Away Bird by Lucy Larcom

The Hummingbird's Nest by Dora Read Goodale

The Humming bird by Harry Kemp

The Eagle by Lord Alfred Tennyson

The Rivals by James Stephens

The Swallow's Nest by Edwin Arnold

Four Ducks on a Pond by William Allingham

The Ducks by Unknown Author

The Last Word of a Bluebird by Robert Frost

Like a Bird by Victor Hugo

I heard a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford

 Bird poems

My Doves by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Birds by William Carlos Williams

The Swan by Unknown Author

Buzzards by Martin Armstrong

The Oriole by Christine Moray

Little Robin Redbreast by Unknown Author

Celestial Bird by Belle Drury

Little Marauder by Margaret Sangster

The Sandpiper and I by C. T. Cooper

Geese by Kate Greenaway

Woodpecker by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

Woodpecker in Disguise by Grace Taber Hallock

Blackfriars by Eleanor Farjeon