The Green Lady by Charlotte Druitt Cole Purely Nature poem

A lovely Green Lady
Embroiders and stitches
Sweet flowers in the meadows,
On banks and in ditches.

All day she is sewing,
Embroidering all night;
For she works in the darkness
As well as the light.

She makes no mistake in
The silks which she uses,
And all her gay colours
She carefully chooses.

She fills nooks and corners
With blossoms so small,
Where none but the fairies
Will see them at all.

She sews them so quickly,
She trims them so neatly,
Though much of her broidery
Is hidden completely.

She scatters her tapestry
Scented and sweet,
In the loneliest places.
Or 'neath careless feet;
For bee, or for bird folk,
For children like me,
But the lovely Green Lady,
No mortal may see.